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Weekly Edition (18-May-2006)
"What if we know that torture is taking place, but cannot see the evidence with our own eyes or hear it with our own ears? Does God forgive those who don't act?" -- Terry Mattingly, "When believers are dying, silence is a lie."
Table of Contents
When is Apathy a Sin?
In an editorial tribute to the late A.M. Rosenthal (When believers are dying, silence is a lie.) that appears on Christian Monitor, Terry Mattingly (www.tmatt.net), director of the Washington Journalism Center at the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, challenges Christians and others to stand up for those who are suffering for their faith. In the article he describes the life and passion of A.M Rosenthal. The full editorial can be read on Christian Monitor here.
Prayer Points
  • Thank the Lord for the life of Mr. Rosenthal. Pray that the Lord would continue to use his life and work in a powerful way to draw many into an awareness of suffering people and motivate people to act.

  • Pray that the Lord would continue to strengthen those who are working on the frontlines of their faith.

  • Pray for all the Christians around the world who are still suffering for what they believer. Pray that God would have mercy on them and provide them with the strength to endure in their faith.

  • Thank the Lord for loving us and sending His Son to die for us. Thank the Lord for saving our souls and drawing us to Him.
  • Kenya
    One Dead in Christian Radio Station Attac
    12 May, 2006 – One person died and three were injured in an attack on a Pentecostal radio station in Nairobi, Kenya last week Saturday. "The editorial management of the Pentacostal Church-owned radio," says AllAfrica, "blamed the raid on Muslim extremists." The attack "immediately followed a Swahili-language broadcast entitled ‘Jesus is the way’, advocating conversion of Muslims to Christianity."

    According to reports, at least nine people were involved in the attacks. AllAfrica describes the attack: "Two of them (the assailants) opened fire on a night guard, killing him instantly and injuring another member of the security staff and a presenter before setting fire to the studios by throwing petrol bombs and taking the station off air. A passer-by was also injured as the band of attackers fled after the raid."
    Prayer Points
  • Pray for the man who died. Pray that the Lord would be with His family and loved ones. Pray that God would comfort them and care for them. Pray that the Lord would bless them and draw them close to Him.Pray for those who were injured. Pray that the Lord would comfort them too and that God would pour out His love on them and draw them ever closer to Him.

  • Thank the Lord for the presence of His people in Kenya and Africa. Pray that God would shine His light upon the Christians of Kenya and pray that they would continue to proclaim the truth of Christ in love.

  • Thank the Lord for this radio station and pray that God would rebuild it and use it to proclaim His truth. Thank the Lord that He would use these tools message for His own divine purpose.
  • Sri Lanka
    Three Churches Attacked
    12 May, 2006 – "Unruly mobs,"says Compass Direct (CD), "have attacked three churches over the past fortnight, in one incident setting car tires on fire in front of a Methodist church to prevent people from entering for Sunday worship."

    On May 6, a Pastor and a construction worker who were building a community hall were threatened by a mob led by a Buddhist monk. CAA reports "one man grabbed the construction worker by the collar and assaulted him."According to CD: "The mob said they would set fire to the building if construction continued."

    CD reports, in a second incident, "Buddhist monks led a second mob to attack a Methodist church in Piliyandala, southeast of Colombo, on April 30."According to CD, "The mob set car tires on fire on the road outside the church as a scare tactic to keep people away from the building."

    In a third incident, CD reports that on April 9, "a small crowd of 24 people gathered outside"an Assembly of God church in Piliyandala and "chanted Buddhist prayers."
    Prayer Points
  • Thank the Lord for the continued faithfulness of the Sri Lankan Christians. Pray that the Lord would continue to bless them and continue to grow their Church.

  • Pray that God would work in the hearts and minds of those who would persecute His adopted sons and daughters and adopt those who would persecute them.

  • Pray for the continued protection of the Christians in Sri Lanka. Pray that God would shine His light upon this Church and that the Church would grow and show strength.

  • Pray for each Church in the above article. Pray that the Lord would give the Church leaders Godly advice that they would follow.
  • China
    Arrests and Expulsions
    15 May, 2006 – China Aid Association (CAA) reports, on April 26 in Shandong province House Church Pastor Liu Yuhua was arrested. He his being held in detention and accused of "being involved in illegal business practices." According to CAA Pastor Liu "has been printing and distributing bibles and other Christian literature to fellow believers free of charge to meet the rapid growth of believers."

    CAA also reports that on May 10, 11 pastors in Jiangsu province were arrested. CAA says: "Aproximately 60 house church believers were engaged in a bible study at Pastor Cai Zhirong’s house when the raid occurred." CAA continues: "the PSB officers used electric shock batons to beat those believers who refused to be taken away because the police didn’t have an arrest warrant." The pastors were interrogated and all of them released. A South Korean pastor who was with them at the time was ordered to leave the country within 48 hours the day after his release.

    Rev. Bob Fu of CAA says: "This new wave of arrests is certainly a contradiction to the Chinese government’s commitment to religious freedom."
    Prayer Points
  • Thank the Lord for the faithfulness of these Christians. Pray for Pastor Liu who remains in custody. Pray that the Lord would strengthen him and encourage him during this difficult time.

  • Pray that the Lord would continue to bless and grow the fellowship of believers in China. Pray that God would shine His grace on their lives so that they may be holy and pure before Him.

  • Pray for the South Korean pastor. Thank the Lord for his work and pray that the Lord would continue to encourage Him in his ministry.

  • Pray for those who were shocked by electric batons. Pray that the Lord would heal those who were injured and pray that God would keep them strong in their faith.
  • Sudan
    Pastor Arrested
    May 2006 – A pastor in Sudan, Rev. Rev. Elia Komondan, has been arrested for kidnapping after a 23 years old Muslim convert to Christianity went missing. According to Compass Direct (CD), the "woman who reportedly wished to convert to Christianity surfaced yesterday in the Sudanese capital after her disappearance caused the arrest of an Episcopal priest." CD says: "Abdallah went missing in March after visiting Komondan’s Episcopal church in Khartoum to request shelter. She had shown church staff at All Saints’ Cathedral her scars, saying that her father was beating her because she had been spending time with Christians." Canon Sylvester Thomas of All Saints’ Cathedral told CD that there was no place for her to stay and that Rev. Komondan had turned her away. She apparently had attempted to find shelter in other Christian institutions too.
    Prayer Points
  • Pray that the Lord shine His light on this case and that Rev. Komondan would be released. Pray that God would bless him and continue to nurture and guide him in his ministry.

  • Pray that the Lord would continue to draw Abdallah to Him and that through this experience she would remain faithful. Pray that the Lord would ensure she is released from custody soon.

  • Pray for the provision of Abdullah. Pray that the Lord would provide for her needs and protect her from the abuses of her father. Pray that God would strengthen her and continue to guide her.

  • Pray for Sudan. Pray that God would do a great work in this strife torn land. Pray that God would shine His light in this country from North to South, East to West and that all may know He is God.
  • Turkey
    Update on Yakup
    16 May 2006 – Middle East Concern (MEC) has issued an update on Yakup, a young Turkish Christian who "was badly beaten by three assailants in October 2003 whilst giving out New Testaments in his hometown." MEC says: "The beating resulted in a blood clot in his brain that caused serious injuries including loss of speech and use of some limbs. He has been slowly recovering since." He still does not have the full use of his right arm and is not completely emotionally stable.

    Yakup failed to attend a court hearing on May 25 and has also yet to complete a medical exam scheduled by the judge in the trial of his assailants. It is also believed that Yakup is currently living with his parents, who are not Christians and oppose his conversion. Yakup is currently out of contact with the fellowship of believers.
    Prayer Points
    MEC has asked for us to pray for the following:

  • Yakup would be drawn back into close fellowship with fellow believers

  • Yakup would be healed of his remaining injuries, both physical and mental/emotional

  • His pastor and Christian friends would be granted wisdom and perseverance in their handling of this situation

  • Yakup will become fully aware of and cooperate with the authoritiesconcerning further medical tests and the judicial process

  • The attackers would be convicted of assault and ordered to pay compensation

  • The truth of Jesus, Prince of Peace, would be made known to many through events surrounding Yakup.
  • North Korea
    Update on Choi Yong-hun
    May, 2006 – Choi Yong-hun a South Korean Huamanitarian aid worker Choi Yong-hun was sentenced in Yantai City, Shandong Province, China on May 22, 2003 to five years in prison for assisting in the escape of North Korean refugees from China to South Korea is, according to his wife, looking "pale" an and has grown "thinner." After a 30 minute April 26t visit to see her husband, Mrs. Choi said: "He never fails to read the Bible and pray every morning, believing the God will help him. He [Mr. Choi] also repeatedly mentioned how sorry he was that he had been causing so much trouble to his family, in addition to not being able to support his parents and family members." Mrs. Choi also said that Mr. Choi smiled when he said that "people call him 'Mr. Missionary' in the prison."

    Read more here:
  • Choi Yong-hun - A Korean Schindler
  • Still Forgotten
  • Prayer Points
  • Thank the Lord for the continued faithfulness of Mr. Choi. Thank the Lord for holding him in his faith and for the powerful work the Lord is doing in the prison through Mr. Choi.

  • Pray that God would continue to strengthen Mr. Choi and his family. Pray that the Lord would continue to empower their faith and pray that this difficult time may be used by God to magnify His name.

  • Pray that the Chinese government would release Mr. Choi soon. Pray that they would have mercy on him and that the Lord would soften their hearts and enable Mr. Choi to return home.

  • Pray for the provision of Mrs. Choi and her children. Pray that the Lord would be faithful and provide for their material needs including education, accommodation and food.